Monday, July 27, 2009


neh ! This is my main character !
No... its not Mizy 'me' haha XD
I jus named her after me coz i like the name Mizy =P
She's a typical high school teen
Who has a talent in art and a bright future
Thou i would like to remind you that I'm not talking about me
I'm talking about this character okay
anyway, she has no problem in making friends
She's easy going, open minded and unpredictable
But she's also selfish as in like she doesnt want to express her feeling nor share her problem
Yes she would say that she's fine or okay
but she actually doesnt want anyone to be trouble by her
she always smile n rarely frown
Okay ! I think that's enough details about her
Well then, I hope you enjoy reading it
Do comment or text me in my cbox kay ;D
Ta - ta !!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Gah ! It has been like days that i havent updated this blog !
Why??? Cause I had lots of class and meeting to attend ^-^
okay nevermind that ! =D Its time for some art !
After all those days for a digital art colouring n drawing
I think I'm getting the hang of it =D
I worked up my digital painting slowly with details =)
removed all .... well like 99% of the annoying white dots XP
Put in some shadoms and reflected light
And VOILA !!!!!!!!!
The first successful and satisfying art that Ive done in my life !! >XD
hahaha lol
This is Ayako, my second female character
I'll tell the first later ^-^
She's a high school's teen clothes designer =D
Pretty, not? XD
well i dont know if I'm getting better or worst ~ you tell me !
haha do comment or text on my cbox kay =D
Enjoy !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ian and ellie, requested by a friend

Phew... finally I can use the laptop again ~ ~3~'
Hiya everyone ! I'm back for more anime drawing of mie >XD
I have been busy this past few days
But err... maybe i just leave it as that
I wanna tell about this drawing
This is the characters from the story called "Monster foot"
My buddy Original Character (OC)

Friday, July 10, 2009

The blonde prince and princess twins

To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click any image below'
Neh ! Before I was intoduced to yaoi
I always love to draw twins, prince, princess and an adorable princess costume
And I remember two of my favourite character
That has all of those feature
The blonde prince and princess twins
Yeah, I love this too so much
They are so adorable together, even thought they always fight each other =P
*sigh* old times... ^__^

You know, I always colour them in red
Well back then actually
Now that I'm more into blue
I decided to choose blue for them =D
As long as they have their cute lil faces, its okay then =P

I was so bored after I have finished painting them

I then thought of decorating a lil bit

And VOILA ! or TADA !

I love flower so much, so I put flowers all around them


OKay! So I hope you all like it coz I like it, a lil... =3=

Thank you all so much for viewing !

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Warm creamy milk

To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click image below'
Hiya ! Wow, I haven't draw any furries/anthro for a while now
Guess it was because of the lack ideas
One of my friend said that if you drink too many warm milk
you'll get snoozy ~
I don't know whether its true, I never drink warm milk
So *shrug* i don't know =P
Now you know where I get my idea from anyway
For anthro/furries fan, hope you'll like it
Thank you

Back from the my weird art expedition

To see full image
Press 'ctrl' + 'Click image below'
This is just a lil story of what happened on my art expedition last time
I wanted to draw it as a panel
But somehow I cant get the frame right
Do i decided to draw it randomly
And Voila !!!
I hope you'll find it funny =D
Thank you

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Main character and mascots

Hah ! I've just found my old Miraz, mizy & the mascots picture
It's a picture of two of my main character and my manga mascots
At the first one is Miraz and Mizy
Okay the dog, he's actually an inspiration from my friends pancil case haha >XD
It's an old big fat bulldog, it's eyes always close like that coz it doesn't move much
It always day dreaming about pretty female dogs and food !
Hahaha >XD
It's only word is "Urh" haha XP
Next is the stress bear =D
The bear always appear in all of my manga but only during bad or awkward time haha
In its head is always "What the heck??", "Why?", " What on earth?" or "What??!!"
Thats why its a stress bear haha
My all time mascot is the cat
It appears in all of my manga, Usually the cat has a paint of tear drop under its right eye but it still keep on smiling =D
The last one is the rabbit, It appears seldomly and doesn't do much,
Only sleeps and look =D

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clothes choices

Neh ! i've found my old sketches !
I had drawn a drawing of my main character, Mizy Miyajima
Yeah the name is the same as me but that's not me haha =P
So okay, I've drawn her in her bikini
Then I put the drawing under a tracing paper and just sketch some clothes on her
Different type of clothes were drawn
Well I hope u enjoy looking at them =D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At 11:11, the star falls

Nyah ! A shooting star appeared at 11:11 pp.m
Wow ! This is a beautiful anime fantasy
My pal Ana from FAC requested this from me
She wanted a blue nose bear who's sitting on a clock that says 11:11 pointing at a shooting star
Thou somehow I added mor details, like the boy and the forest road
>XD haha I over did it
Oh well ! At least its a lil bit okay right?
Well i hope u all enjoy this =D