Friday, August 28, 2009

Ways to +watch users in Fanart central

Hiya everyone !
Umm... today I'm gonna just gonna post the new rules in the
of how to +watch other users
This is just a reminder for FAC users okay
If you are planning to register for FAC
I'll show u how to add other users !
Okay lets start !
^///^' (This is embarrasing somehow haha lol)
In the main page of the sites,
I know most of u FAC users didnt actually noticed it ^____^' neither did I
But after u read it, you'll noticed that theyre a slight changes in the FAC rules

The most important one is this ^___^
If you cant see it
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'
or if you wanna witness it urself
just go to
Okay ! When you're there
you'll noticed the infor that I've highlighted up there ! ^

Okay like me, most of you might get what the sentence were ^___^
But like my fren, she was like "What?? change to red com?"
Now, neither I get wahat she said haha lol
So anyway,
I know maybe all you understand what to do
But just in case I'm gonna show you how +watch other users
okay !
Image above is one of my fren FAC profiles
At the top screen
The url is [http://www.fanart-central........... something]
before u add the artist
Change the 'www' to 'rc'
Like the image below

Once you've changed it
The click the image 'add artist' on the profile

You'll then see that the url in the 'add to watchlists'
had changed to 'rc' also

At long last, you finally had added you new found friend users !
And I did also ! >XD
hahaha lol
That's that, I've finally done my job here !
If any of you are interested in joining FAC
Do add me !
Kay Bye all !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ryuu and Chokichi, yaoi version

To see full images
Press 'ctrl' + 'Click the image'
Haha LOL man love this version !
Okay Ryuu and chokichi are two of my main character in my manga same with Mizy (Not me)
In the manga, both of them aren't gay
But straight.... daaa
Eventhough that it is my manga, i would like to make a 'doujinshi' of it
^o^ yaoi doujinshi =D
Hahaha okay here on this pic
There are two picture of them 'together' ^____^
Image 1
'Is a picture of Ryuu having sex with Chokichi, who's leaning to the window of Ryuu's office (He's the president of the school) which is taken by someone from outside of the window'
Image 2
'A make out scene in class 5-C on Mr. Kagurashi desk, who's being haten by Chokichi, taken from the inside of a class locker'
hahaha well enjoy peepz! ^o^v

Remi, Ru & Jer, Rubius's Original character in my version

Whoa! Hye everyone !!!! hahaha
ano... sory for the late submission.... so very busy since the last time i posted here
Anyway ! I've new drawings ! but no..... its not colour <=D
Coz it takes time to colour using digital nevertheless hand colouring
hahaha ^o^
Heres a drawing of my friends OC in my version =D
Remi, Ru & Jer
It'd be really cool once I start colouring them next time okay