Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mizy Miyajima's shack out !

Hiya everyone !
This is the anime version of 'ME' in my imaginary awesome shack out !
hahaha LOL
There are lots of random drawings
I included :
. Flower
. Africa's sunset
. Yaoi
. Construction perspective
. Fruits
. Guinea pigs
. Dessert
. A prom night couple
. Stickman
Hahaha LOL
stickman.... >XD
Anyway !
I was thinking about making a colourful attractive poster
So yeah
I did it !
..... I think .... O.O'
Okay soo.... I hope you'll like it !
Thank you for checking !
Bubbye ~

To see full image
Press 'ctrl' + 'Click the image'

Mizy got a gift !

Neh ~ My buddy Amanda from who is AncientMoonLight
suggested i draw an anthro for a change
So yeah
I did ! ^____^
Thank u so much Amanda !
This is a story that I will not tell here
^0^ Gome..... Sorry .... =3=
But still I wanna say that
The guy who's taking the pic my friend
And the guy that killing him is his bestfren
Who's close to me
So yeah, thats all !
Hahaha >XDDDD
Well i hope you like,
Do comment if you know how
To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some part of the beginning of the story???

Uwaaa here are some of sketches that I've tried to start the beginning
Keh ! Well the 'middle' of the beginning that is....
Lets see....
The story started like..
Kastsumi Shindou and his classmate (All guys) went on a class trip to this
like high class hot spring spa
Their sensei reserved the place, only half of the place, coz half was reserved for some rich who came to relax also
Katsumi was about to hit the hot spring when his friend was like telling this joke and he goes
"No way !"
WHILE sliding open the door to the hot spring
He noticed someone was in the hot spring

I know its not clear..... whatever, its a sketches

Both of them are like in this dramatic stunning moment when they saw each other
Thou Makoto, the mystery guy thought katsumi was one of his servant

Shocked after backing to reality

Both screaming in ( half naked) embarrasment
Okay back in Katsumi and his class's room
he was like whining somehow curling himself on their futons
(everyone were still in the nest room, doin stuff like goofing off?? dont know yet ^0^')

From whining to laughing out loud
Guess he wasn't down or anything
he was holding his laughter

There was mistake there
The pic above.... his expression was supposed to be the one the right
The left was sooo terrible

Someone : "I told you that he'd finally lose it..."

Someone threw a pillow at him

Matsuo Shukinaga : "If you're planning to keep doing stupid things, Do it outside in the backyard.... We want to sleep ya know"

These two are actually childhood friends (Also bestfren)
The enemy aura just now was just Shindou being dramatic

The others are used to their passionate friendly fight
Shukinaga : "Fuck off !"
Shindou : "Hug me tightly !
Shukinaga : "Get the fuck off Shinsou!"

Shukinaga : "Hah... What the hell are you happy about? Did you win another lottery or something? You're lucky enough to win a million"

Shukinaga : "Hmm... a beautiful maiden?"

Shindou : "Yeah... but not exactly a female maiden, it was a pretty male maiden"

Uwahahaha ! i've only reached here !
Maybe someday I'll continue it okay !
Hope you like it peeps !
Bubbye !

Maybe ... the start of my first - yaoi manga?

Nyeh ! I've finally made up my mind to make a real yaoi manga ! ^0^
Though I have thought of the story already
Welll... some story,
But I already thought of the ending and conclusion !
Still, I haven't make a title for it
I drew some sketches of story, maybe.... to put it in the manga next time
Hmmm...... okay, so the pic down here is the chain of the characters
To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

This pic definitely be included in the manga!
Thou I still need to work on the kimono and background
Those other character... I need to make lots of new faces

Hahaha LOL This definitely must go in !
Somehow I'm getting too excited over my own anime
And thats a GOOD THING !

I've changed a lil of Makoto a.k.a Master face
This pic is the old one
I'd to make Makoto's hair a little longer to make him morepretty and gorgeous !
hahaha ^0^'

This will be renew again next time o.o
The poses and the kimono are just some scratches o___O'
But okay i guess.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seme for Ukesuke !

neh neh !!! Konnichi wa Mina !!!
Anoo... I havent draw this kind of yaoi for a while ~ ^___^'
So yeah, I've finished the best one lately >XP
Well, I've joined this yaoi contest in FAC
The user, 1513, asked ppl to draw the best 'seme' for her character "ukesuke"
Who's an 'Uke' ! >XD
The seme I'd made is named 'Ryoto'
So anyway, Enjoy peeps !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm silly for cake !

To see full image
Press 'ctrl' + 'click on the image'
Neh ! Finally I've made another panel kinda like drawing !
Hahaha ^___^'
Its about me being a lil stupid about some cakes !
I wont tell all the story
Just read k ppl !
Click it !

Friday, September 11, 2009

Akio & Aki

Ohayo mina !!!
(Morning everyone)
Its really morning right now like 6 am ! haha >XD
Anyway, for all who had come to this blog before
You may noticed that ie changed the header of this blog image right???
Isnt the new one is
Haha I love the poster turned out !
Anyway, i decided to post the old one, coz i dont want to just leave it as memory
So yeah these are my yaoi twin characters
Arent they cute??
They huggable, lovable, kissable and dateable !!
Hahaha LOL
Okay everyone !!
Do enjoy !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ryuu and Chokichi, yaoi version (Photoshop coloured by JIDAH)

To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'Click the image'
Aha ! Hiya everyone !!!
Ano do u remember my yaoi pairing, Ryuu and Chokichi poster
If not
go to this link
I dont need to explain about the drawing again okay
So okay, I'm okay with didgital drawing but
I'm just too lazy to do it
^____^' haha
I do noticed that most of my cousins are really good in using photoshop
So i ask one of my cousin, Jidah, to colour it for me
She used Photoshop Illustrator I think
I use GIMP 2, I dont know anything about photoshop hahaha lol
And wow !
It turned out ...
She said that it was just a quick paint so its not much
But next time she'll be colouring some of my art work in details
Yay !!!!!
She's awesome >XD
Go to her blog if u want to know her =D
Okay so i hope this pic caught ur interest
hahah >XD
okay Tata for now guys !

Doodle sketch (Malay brunei)

To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'
Neh neh ! I made doodles ! >XD
Yeay !!
Oh my god, its been while, I wonder why.....
hmm... oh yeah ! I lost my humor sense in anime last time !
Hahaha >XP
Okay, I made a four frame random anime doodles!
To all bruneian,
I hope I didnt offended anyone
And to all who cant speak malay or brunei malay ~
I didnt write it english !
hm..... there are some bad words here, but since its my blog
i dont care !
Hahaha LOL
oKay ! i hope u'll enjoy it !
K tata ! =D