Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hikaru loves kaoru !

This was done long time ago ~ like... in July?
hahaha lol
I forgit about this one somehow
Maybe coz I'm not that proud at how it turned out
well... a lil maybe, coz
I almost able to draw them exactly as the original Hitachiin twin!
Almost! ^o^'
OKay so, I hope you like everyone!

Turtle lover girl!

Neh! One of my art teacher requested me to draw turtle anime
So I just did, like the usual
Okay this pic is totally kinda 'below 13 years old colouring drawing' style
Hahaha becoz the turtle is way simple and the girl is almost like ~
A chibi anime =D
I rarely draw chibi
Coz those are on of the anime that's a lil hard for me
((XD haha
Well I hope y'all like it, ... enjoy ! TTFN! =D
To see full view
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