Monday, November 16, 2009

Another part of my "My maiden!" manga !

My manga from last time ! Another VERY short funny part pf the manga ! XD
Remember this story
The two 'not yet' couple of the story !

Makoto : "Can I sleep with you?"
Katsumi : "Ofcourse !!! Ah ! I mean - yes master ! *silently say OMG !*"

Makoto : *sleeping*
Katsumi : "This is not what I want ! " *To himself*
He was force to sleep on the floor ~ haha XD

Katsumi : *Sobbing* "Uwaa ! Can't sleep !"

Need to work on my drawing..... =3=

Katsumi is trying to kiss his master (Makoto)

Makoto : "WHAT ! Are you doing?" *angry*
Katsumi : *frozes and embarrassed* chuu ~".........."
Was that okay guys? ^o^'
I hope so, coz maybe if I turn this story into a manga someday
Surely I would put this part in
Well let me know what you think k guys ?
Okay bubye ! XD

I officially changed it !

OMG ! Peeps !
I'd changed my sketches into another strip !
Like yeay !
Thou its not finished but I promise that I'll finish it soon !

I gueessed its okay now huh?

Hahaha XD

A sketch of another anime strip !

Wah ~ I've thought another funny (To me ^o^') strip anime last time
I drew it during a class in school
was so bored that time ~ =3=
I was thinking of changing the orientation of my old two character from this post
The two guys from the left
Yeah... I 'gayed' them !
Hahaha lol
Okay so I was drawing them as the pervy high school couple

Seme ( neither have a name.... so yeah.... Seme & uke ^___^' ) : "You don't mind doing that later right?"
Uke : "Aa- ... Yuu - "

Uke : "I guess I can stop for an hour."
Seme : "An hour! Thats twice! Thank you heaven !"

While they were 'ahem ahem' ^///^'
The vice president was outside the room umm... 'accidently' listened to their 'sound' .....
I dont know..... maybe he was about to enter?
No? I dont know =3=
VP : "Why do I always appear at the bad time?!"
Guess it wasn't his forst time ^o^'
Well hope I enjoy that guys !

The past and now of my drawing !

Neh neh ! I've found one of my old drawing !
I think I'd drawn this like 3 years ago !
Wow.... look how freaky my drawing was back then =D
These three were the few of my old character
Of a drama story.... not yaoi ~
Hahaha lol
I don't remember their names but I'd drawn them back using my new nowaday skill !
Hahaha ..... man I'm lame =3=
Each of them were drawn in the same order as the old ones =D
Whoa !
My drawing skill have changed way much huh? O.o
Im not bragging thou, but I've gotten better right?
If u say so, Thank u so much!
I'll try harder to improved !
Haha ok thank u for reading guys !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I tried drawing Narusasu (1) and Sasunaru (2) !

Okay ! Sooo... I was trying a fanart drawing..
The original and the yaoi Naruto !
I'm so obsessed about him that I wanna marry him !
Hahaha lol the heck ! XD
Anyway, like I said that I love the yaoi naruto also
Therefore I've drawn him with Sasuke
I'm not into Sasuke thou, but when it comes to ~
Sasunaru & Narusasu
I LOVE BOTH of them !

This is Narusasu !
These two were baking cake ... for something?
Idk, its just a random drawin XP

This is definitely Sasunaru !
oh how I love these pair so much !
Truely deeply love them ! =D
So anyway, Naruto made a coffee for Sasuke during their break time at work
Then sasuke somehow complimented that Naruto's coffee keeps getting better and better everyday
And now that I think of it ...
maybe the story end up that Naruto's cooking keeps getting better
And Sasuke end up loving them and the chef !
XD hahaha awesome !
This is of course Sasunaru !
Hmmm... I dont even know what it is about but I do know that
Sasuke looks cool !
I only love him if he likes Naruto !
XD Haha lol

I'm thinking of making a Naruto Shippuden doujinshi ... Maybe if I'm not lazy enough !

Just some sketches

Neh ~ these two pics are just some sketches that I did when I was bored
I was trying something new thou =D
These two pice were drawn from the bottom perspective
'kinda' bottom perspective =3=
And the character name is unknown =I
Thous he is one of my yaoi story character
He's the uke even thou he looks like a punk !
Cool but somehow has his feminine side ;D
K thats all guyz !

Friday, November 6, 2009

I love yaoi !

Hye everyone!
I've just finished my end of year exam, thats why I havent updated for a while =D
Well since I'm back, I'll try to update from time too time k ;D
So anyway... this strip anime is just some random thoughts
I just wanna show How much i really love yaoi ~
I reallly love ~ YAOI!
K thats all k guyz !
Tata ~
To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'