Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wah ! This is epic drawing !

Wah ! I made this kinda shonen ai drawing !
Its some random thing that came to my mind while I was holding the tablet pen !
XD hahaha lo
I kinda like this one
Colourful and better yet ! Digital ! XD
I think this pic is about the gay black hair guy found the hazel brown dude so cute and thought he may be gay coz he was holding a pink phone !
XD man, what a big mess up =D
About the background?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Emo doll !

You all know that I'm not emo, obviously ppl can tell that I'm not emo
Coz I draw flowers and cute stuff and all O.o
That doesn't make any sense !
Like I care.... =.=
Hahaha lol
Okay ! So ! I had this picture of an emo doll, given by a friend of mine,
Like I said, I'm not emo
But I'm not against of anti emo !
They're cool but I'm not wannabe !
XD hahaha
I looked again at the pic and decided,
what the hell,
draw emo doll !

Heres one of the doodle drawing of it !
I like the doll somehow, don't know why.
Maybe because its... different and cool !
Oh one thing about this emo doll that I don't like
Is that...
I don't know his name !
I need to know his name....
Please do tell kay guys !

Random drawing of the emo doll !

Okay this is so totally random !
I don't actually know what I drew here
The one on the right...
Maybe the doll... pull his heart out?
I don't know...

The one on the left is epicly weird !
I think he's crazy already and
is... happy?
I don't know !
I'm crazy !!!!
Hahaha lol

Emo doll love the emo girl doll !

Awww just a lil 'straight' couple doll !
Hahaha lol
I put the word straight coz I barely draw straight couple,
You all know I love yaoi and gay !
XD hahaha
Anyway, yeah the emo doll gave flowers and his eyes as necklaces to the female emo doll...
Something about this pic just doesn't seem right
Thou the doll is emo
But the pic.... not so much.

Emo doll lost his - LOST HIS PEE WEE ?!

Hahahahaha LMAO
I love this drawing the most !
Cute and funny !
I'm not bragging ppl but seriously come on, he lost his pee wee !
Hahaha LOL
This is so totally epic, thou the idea came when I noticed the eyeballs came off
Then the heart came off...
Then the pee wee....
Omg ! Hahaha !

My anime version of the emo doll !

I still don't know whats his name !
It kills me to know and hurts my fingers
for too much clicking on this laptop to look for his name on the internet!
Argh !
If you know his name,
please do tell me kay !
Thank you !
Anyway about the drawing
I drew him as an anime
he looks cool ~
Haha XD lol
I like the t-shirt the most !
It says
'My Heart Keep Getting CRUSH !'
I made it... O.o I think its okay...

Sneak peek of "Hunky and nerdy?"

To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'
Aha ! Finally the picture is uploaded !!!
OMG... these past few days I've been trying to upload but somehow couldn't do it !
Somethings definitely wrong with the internet ! >=O
Or ! I forgot to connect the internet !
Okay... so somethings definitely wrong with me !
Hahaha LOL ^///^'
So anyway !
This is one of the page from one of my yaoi manga !
The "Hunky and nerdy?"
Its about a hunky teenager, who's in the basketball team, ended up spending so much time with a nerd,
who is soooooo.... pretty ~ IF he take off his glasses (which he often =3=),
ever since that day when the hunky guy save the nerd from a bunch of bullies !
Man ~ this is sooo gonna be awesome if its finished !!!
*sigh* Hah.... the word 'if', If always ends up to 'never'.
This page is not even like a real manga =/
I tried to make it better next time !
... need to find an editor.... =.=
Okay the page is somewhere in chapter 3 I think O.o
Its when... - !!!!!!!!!!
I can't tell ! I'll spoil everything !!!
Hahaha lol XD
Anyway I'm just gonna leave as that ! I'll continue the manga soon ! (Hopefully ~ O.o)
Keep coming to my blog to see for more kay ! =D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brunei Devmeet 2009

Time starts : 10 AM
Date : 20th December
Venue : D'Anggerek Desa hotel, 6th Floor Berakas (next to Orchird Garden hotel)
Entry fee : $5 ( refreshments included )


Main activities


-10 AM - Arrival and Speech Opening
-10:15 AM - 11:00 am - Registration for Drawing Competition and Cosplay competition
-11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Band Play and Stage Games
-12:00 pm - 1:15 pm - Lunch Break
-2.00 pm - Drawing Competition ends
-2.15 pm - Cosplay Competition starts
-3.30 pm - Cosplay Competition Ends and Judging
-4:00 pm - Prize Giving
-5 pm - end of Devmeet and closing speech


Drawing Competition

# simple materials will be provided ( pencil and paper ) you may bring your own art material for the contest.
# Contestants are encouraged to adapt any style of drawing they please (Western/Manga).
# Submit your artwork together with the entry form.
# Judges , decisions are final. Any disputes will not be entertained.
# Prize giving ceremony will commence by the end of the event
# If the winner is not present to claim his/her prize, their prize will be passed on to the next person in line.
# Prizes are subject to change without any prior notice.
# No NUDITY or sexual or suggestive drawings that can make the viewers to be uncomfortable with the content
# We will list out different kind of themes and you can pick the theme you like and draw/illustrate it out on paper


Cosplay Competition

Download the rules here - [link]
Registration form - [link]


PRIZES Cosplay competition prize

-First Prize
1. Rukia Bleach Replica Katana
2. Figures - Gurren Laggan Yoko & Nia
3. DeathNote Shoulder Bag
4. Animation T-Shirt
5. Animation Umbrella
6. $20.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers

Second Prize
1. Animation T-Shirt
2. Figure - Yuki Nagato Captain Ver.
3. DragonBall Z Bag
4. $10.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers

Third Prize
1. Animation T-Shirt
2. Figure - Buster Machine No.7 [Nono]
3. Animation Wallet
4. $10.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers

Consolation Prize x 2
1. Animation Towel
2. $5.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers


Drawing competition prize

-First Prize
1. Figure - Bleach Figures x 2 units
2. Figure - Bleach Set
3. $20.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers
4. Animation T-Shirt
5. Large Sketchbook provided by Dev Meet
6. La' Prominence Artbook provided by Dev Meet

Second Prize
1. Animation T-Shirt
2. Figure
3. $10.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers
4. Medium Sketchbook provided by Dev Meet
5. La' Prominence Artbook provided by Dev Meet

Third Prize
1. Figure
2. Animation Wallet
3. $10.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers
4. Small Sketchbook provided by Dev Meet
5. La' Prominence Artbook provided by Dev Meet

Consolation Prize x 3
1. Animation Towel
2. $5.00 CH-Toynation Vouchers
3. Mini Sketchbook provided by Dev Meet


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My bunny boy !

Oh boy !
Oh boy !
Oh boy !
Ooooooohhhhhhh ~
Hahaha lol
Hah...... man how I love yaoi so much ! And boys !
Anyway, Hiya guyz (I mean as in all female and male XD)!
I just made a heart thumping poster at last !
Heart thumping YAOI poster ~
It took me 3 hour to finish drawing it
And like almost half a day to paint it
Wow.... I was so concentrated while painting it
That I didnt realise that I took bath !
I'm not making sense am I?
Yeah whateva, Im lame and suck but am so good in drawing !
Hahaha LOL
Im not a show off !
Hehe...... Okay so !
Enjoy looking at the poster !
U know, the average time for a person to look at an art is 3 to 5 sec !
O.o I have to say, that is so true ~
*blink blink* k enjoy !
To see full view of the image
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Icons of my anime self ! ;D

Hiya everyone !!! Long time no post ! XD
How long has it been huh?
Like ~ a month??
Hmm... I am so lazy right??? hahaha lol
Okay so anyway I've been working out on this new drawing
Its a column of an icon of myself !
Hm hm hm
Like ta - da !!!
* ^____^ *

Like the usual I always put the original black and white at the top
The drawing is okay right?
I spend like 3 days drawing it
And I had a really hard time getting the ideas
BUT, It was worth it ~
\^____^/ Yay ~
After I've done the final dip for the drawing
I quickly scanned and paint !!!
XD I was kinda dizzy that time, too much work in a second !
Hmmm... lets see
It took me at least 4 days to finished painting it
It would've been only 2 days if there weren't lots of things going around here
Like mandi... makan... minum... cuci muka...
Hahahaha LOL apa kn ~~
Ahem !
Anyway !
I've finished the last piece and ~
VOILA !!!!
What do you thing guys?
Pretty neat huh?
I was kinda impressed myself ^o^'
I'm not bragging or anything
But all that work and staying up late until 5 am just to finish this
Damn, I am so satisfied !
Lets see, about theme 1 and theme 2
The drawing were drawn by ME
BUT the BACKGROUND for it weren't by me
I got the abstract and images from google
Its not a crime right?
Except for the chibi(s)
The background was so done by me
XD hahaha
It was like hell of a lifetime doing it... my brain hurt TT^TT
Kay guys thats all there is to it
I have lots of drawing that I have sketches but not finished
Sooo... keep checking my blog for updates kay !
Love y'all !

First column icons of myself !

Neh everyone ! I just wanna post some of the images of icons.
Since the original was too small to look at the icon
So yea... Im gonna post each of them
Wow.... I'm not that lazy somehow..... NOT !
So anyway ~
Here are the icons from the first column
I'm gonna describe a lil about the avatar, the background and give the tag k ! ;D
Note : The background weren't drawn by me !

Since these are drawing of myself as an anime
I will just say 'Mizy this' and 'Mizy that'
Hahaha XD
Okay so... the first one...
Mizy is disguising as a boy wearing a green school uniform with red tie.
Background : Random abstract from google !
Tag : Mizy, anime, green, uniform, abstract, red, tie.

Mizy as a game geek playing a psp.
Background : Random image from google.
Tag : Mizy, anime, game, psp, geek, puple, black, spectacle.
Mizy having a sunny sunshine morning drink holding pillow!
Background : Random image from google.
Tag : Mizy, anime, morning, sun, pillow, mug, numbers.
Mizy made an DELICIOUSLY AWESOME looking cream cake with chocolate and strawberry !
Background : Cake imaged from google.
Tag : Mizy, anime, cake, delicious, strawberry, chocolate, red, green.

second column icon of my anime self !

The second (Theme 2) column
Its more like the first but the faces of the drawing is kinda different
Note : The background of the drawing weren't made by me !

Mizy were forced to read some books in the library and was a lil annoyed !
Background : From lucky star the anime.
Tag : Mizy, anime, books, spectacle, library, shelf.

Mizy eating her favourite anime character, Naruto, favourite food, ramen instant !
Background : Naruto Shippuden
Tag: Mizy, anime, orange, t-shirt, ramen, noodle, instant, naruto.
Mizy just woke up holding her teddy bear !
Background : Random image from google.
Tag : Mizy, anime, teddy bear, pink, blue, sakura, sleepy.
Mizy as an anthro (Anime with animal ear) !
Background : Random abstract from google.
Tag : Mizy, anime, anthro, neco, cat, ear, meow.

Chibi(s) icon / avatar of my anime self ! =D

Hey guyz ! Okay so these are from the third (Chibi[s]) column
These column only have chibis !

Chibi Mizy wearing a black viscar denim shirt sitting on a wall of bricks under the starry night sky !
Tag : Mizy, anime, chibi, viscar denim, black, shirt, star, night

Chibi Mizy holding various type of fruit surrounded by lots of fruit !
Tag : Mizy, anime, chibi, fruits, colourful, hat
Chibi Mizy paiting lots of different weird kind of painting !
Tag : Mizy, anime, chibi, painting, paint colourful, mess, drawing, rainbow
Chibi Mizy holding a pink dandelion surrounded by a garden of sunflowers and dandelions under clear blue sky !
Tag : Mizy, anime, chibi, flower, sunflower, dandelion, sky, garden