Friday, December 3, 2010

Banner - fail !

Okay it's like this, I was trying to make a banners for this blog, but somehow it didn't turn out great - at all - not even the tiniest bit ! Ugh ! I - I don't know what was going through my head, in the end I was like - what? is this a banner? Or just space filling? Gah ! Heh I drew myself being hug by one of my neko character, I don;t know about the expression, I don't know why I was holding a pen a book and I don't even - know - why is my character hugging me? .... okay I need to cool off for just a bit, y'all just - ah enjoy it if you like, I'm out ! ugsdbchdsfcysxvsxsbueudtbswhjfdxygxjsabxsxbcs....

Teen Top - L.Joe x Chunji

Wow... like - this is my first like completed - way completed fanart of real people ! Thou I'm not proud of the result, I still need to work on the background... but I am a lil proud of myself for the art lining ! I was really surprise of how I managed to make such smooth lines - eh don't get me wrong, I may sometime be good, but I am not professional good at any at all yet. So I'm trying to be humble here :D

So! This is a fanart of two of my favourite korean artist who are in my favourite korean group called 'Teen Top' ! They - are - awe ~ some !!! There are 6 members in this group, which are C.A.P, Chunji, Changjo, L.Joe, Niel and Ricky ! And these two guys are L.Joe (Right) and Chunji (Left) ! Ya know when it comes to male group singer, the fan girls always make a pair or two out of the group. In this group, my favourite pair is L.Joe and Chunji !

Anyway, I used : Tablet and Paint Tool Sai.
Took me : 2 days
References : To be honest, I actually used some this time. Since I was trying to convert these two into anime, I need to make the anime to look like the real deal. So I used two picture of them :D

Okay, enjoy everyone ! Go 'Teen Top'

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pet society

Uwaaaa...... ! Finally 'almost' finished my 'Pet Society Service' manga page 1 ! I typed 'almost' because I forgot to draw more tree and background in panel 3 and 5... *sigh* anyway ! I think I have never mentioned anything about this manga right? :P Hahaha, well, I've been.... eh ya know ! First thing first, let me give the description about this story ! :D


Geh ! I need to work on the description again someday ! It sound so bad..... But at least y'all understand right? ... right? o_o So anyway, I hope this creation of mine looks like a real manga :D I wanna create my first complete manga as soon as I can ! Go me !!! XDD

P.S To see full, press 'ctrl' + 'click image'

Whoah ! What ?!

Hahahaha lol this probably one of my best malay comic sketches ! Wanna know what's it about? Read it ! Daaa ~ Hahaha gome gome :P It's in both Malay and English ! Do enjoy ~

P.S To see full view, press 'ctrl' + 'click image'

High School Lifes

t has been too long since I draw Malay Brunei manga, and when I say Malay Brunei Manga, I meant a japanese style manga but in Brunei's malay language :D Well, now, I've drawn 3 of 4 panel doodles ! Eyeay ! Though I don't know about the jokes are that funny, but it's funny too me :P So anyway, to those who understand Brunei's malay, do enjoy !

P.S To see full view, Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Murakami sensei ♥

Here's are sketches of Murakami sensei from my 'My Boys life' manga ! I love this guy, he's so freaking unexpected like "WTF?!" XD He's got a split personality, when it comes to how to treat the students, it depends on his mood. Like if he's happy, he'll be like "Morning kids! How's it hanging?" but if he's in bad mood, he'll be like "DON'T FREAKING GOOD MORNING ME IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE YOUR HOMEWORK !" A student: "Bu- but you didn't gi-give us any homework !! *scared*" Murakami sensei: "... THEN DO THE TOMORROWS HOMEWORK BEFORE I COME TO YOUR CLASS!!!" Hahahaha what ~ ? :P Well, now enjoy ~ :D

A sketch of his sooooo good looking face ~

Why yes, yes he is ! He's got this mature looks !

For a guy who is so good looking and smart, he surely can't hold his liquor =__=' ... oh well ! I created him, gotta take care of him ...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The new me !

My recent digital drawing of ... *drum roll* ... me, myself and I !!! Eyeay ! *clap3x* Enjoy peeps ! ... and yes, I - am - a - tomboy ! :P And awe ~ some !!!

Hanging out !

OH MY GOD !!! It has been so long that I updated this blog ! ... *looks at all my visitor* ... *kneel to the ground* I'm so sorry ! Gomenasai ! Gome gome ! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry everyone ! .... GOMENASAI MINA !!! *cries*
Oh wow... I feel so guilty, and my chest hurt. o__o Whether its guilt or this scratch I got when I feel into my wardrobe... *shrug shoulder* Geh ! Anyway ! Hey everyone, sorry that I've been gone for a long time, I'm not gonna say I was busy... but actually my
GCSE 'o' level exams is - so - OVER !!! Whoah !!! *run around gayly (happily) :P* ... okay stop !


It's some of the '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)'
crew ! Oooh ! I drew them in a different style and I am - so - proud - of myself ! *clap3x* Yeay me ! XD I've been reading a lot of SUZUKI TSUTA's manga, and they are AWESOME - and I love her ! And the drawings .... *cries* I feel so - defeated ! TT^TT So then I tried using her style, and voila ! I created this !!! ♥ ♥ ♥ *look at the sky* Haaa..... I feel fresh ~

So this drawing, from left is
Kazuki, Satoru,Aoi-chan ♥, Jirou (up), Kanou (down) ! I didn't bother to colour it, I'm so lazy like always... but heck, it turned out great ! Hahaha okay then, enjoy peeps !

Thursday, September 16, 2010

BFF of '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)'

*sigh* ... S'up people ! It has bee - oh god, I think I typed thing like this on my every post ! Sorry people, I'm always gone for a long time after each post lately :p Guess this year I'm pretty busy with schools. This is my last year in high school ya know ! Yayers !!!
So I'll be having my big end of year exam next month and I', so sure that I won't be back for long time ~ again... please forgive me !
To make it up with you all, if you have a request, I'LL TAKE IT ! Definitely will, but depends on your request. If its meccha or anything that's robotic or mechanic - egh ! Disapproval ! :P

OKAY ! So anyway, about this drawing. The real reason for making this was just to practice using Paint Tool Sai :D Butsomehow I end up making something I - am - MOST - proud of ! For the first time, I've finished something using PTS ! *cries* Thi - this - *grab ur shoulder* BE PROUD OF ME !!! D'B< Hahahaha lol :P But seriously people, this is my first time doing something like this and I'm glad it worked out thou I didn't do any background ... I still need to learn how honestly :D In this drawing we have three of my favourite main characters from my manga '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)'. Which are (from the right) Satoru Uchida, Aoi J. Kanegawa and Jirou Endo ! The BFF in the story :D I love them ~ Btw, Aoi - chan is a girl alright ! ;D

Okay then ! That is all what I have to say people, do enjoy and comment ! :D *wave wave* Toodles !

This was still in progress. See how pale their skins are? I brighten them up a bit by pressing 'ctrl + u' and changed the saturation ! :D Just a lil tip for PTS newbies !


Sunday, May 30, 2010

The '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)' intro !

Hey everyone !
Its been 2 weeks since I posted something,
I was too busy in pain drawing this!
V-O-I-L-A !!!
These peoples are the main characters from my manga
' '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)''
Here's the summary of the story !
'Living in a big mansion in
France with her respectable rich family and cousins with no interest in wealth
or having an honorable family name, she decided to move in with her uncle,
Hanami Kanegawa, in Japan. With only leaving a note that says "I went to Japan
to have fun, so don't look for me !", her family separated to look for her. With
her new appearance and a new school, Aoi J. Kasegawa starts to
wonder, will the fun she awaits happened there? What fun will come for
a girl who goes to an all boys school?'
So ~ What do you think ?
I hope the story make sense by the way =P
Hmm... there nothing much to say anymore so I'll stop here.
Do enjoy the drawing okay !
Bubbye mina !
To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

誤って恋に (Accidentally in love)

Neh neh ! My front and first page of my manga ~ *drum roll*
Da da da da da !!!
* '誤って恋に' *
- ' Accidentally in love '
Its been awhile since I drew this
Then I assumed drawing it into manga !
Thou have not inking the line
Only started with the pencil sketches !
*shrug shoulder*
I guess I need more time for ling them =I
And I have yet to draw the background scene =D
Oh well, maybe next time !
Okay thats it, will show the continuation next k peeps !
Bubbye !
To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Sketches of myself ~ .... and something random !

Oh hey everyone ! *wave wave*
As usual ~ I've been away, was busy, and sorryyy yada yada ~
Hahaha I don't sound sincere, do I? =P
Anyway, while I was away
I drew a short sketches of random things
At first I'd drawn an anime of myself ~
And then ~
Others ~
Which are soooo random and omg !
Horrible !
I missed watching Pokemon... so I drew them ! :P
Well ~ Enjoy !

And in the end ~ I only like this one !
Erased using GIMP 2.6 !

Monday, May 3, 2010

Peachy jam boys !

Hey everyone ! *wave wave*
Noticed that I've my templates no? =D
Ah thats not important right now, I mean come on ~
You've obviously have never been here
And like my blog is not that popular
And You think I thought that you noticed ? Awee come on ~
*sob and cry*
You didn't noticed?!!!
Nyahahaha kidding ! Why would I cried over that =P
And frankfully to say, this blog still a lil bit 'un-known' !
XDD hahaha
This is shounen-ai btw, not specificly yaoi
One boy eating strawberry jam sandwich and another boy licking him ! ♥
♥ \(*0*)/ ♥
This idea came out suddenly,
I don't why ~
But I like it ! =D
I have not drawn baby anime for a long LONGGGGGG time !
Is that long enough? =P
Anyway, this is a hand drawn pic and I edited / painted it using GIMP 2.6 !
Well I hope you'll like it peeps !
♥ =D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Half naked wet guy !

Just a sketch that I drew last month =D
Its a wet half naked guy ! Hahaha ♥ XP
I drew this because ~
I wanna draw something that's dripping with water,
so I did.
At first it was a lil bit difficult for me to draw the water sliding across something n dripping
but then I guess it turned out okay ! =D
Used: Sketchbook and a normal plain 0.5 pen.
Do enjoy n comment if there's anything wrong okay ! ............. Girls ~ ♥ ((XD hahaha LOL
........... btw something is missing ..... on the chest ~
To See Full View
Press 'ctrl' + 'Click the image'

Michi and Snowy !

*drum roll* De de de de de de !!! Presenting ! Pet society poster in 'Mizy's' version !!! ♥
Yeay !
Finally I finished another completed poster !
Yeay !!! *run around screaming* =D
Put ur hands in the air peeps ! Hahaha LOL XDDD
Anyway, this is a drawing of my pet in an anime human version with its fren named Snowy
They were playing guitar together so i thought
'Hey ! *snap a finger which i couldnt do* Im gonna draw this two!'
Its finished !
Lets see, Hand drawn drawing, digital colouring using GIMP 2.6,
PC bamboo tablet fun and the design ~
I got it from google
OH !
Dont mind all the spots, i did those on purpose ! =DDD
K enjoy peeps ! =D ♥

Moo-hoo !

Hey everyone !
Meet MOO - HOO !
A fat singing cow ! =D
I have nothing much to say about this,
This was only a request from a pal of mine for sister
For some reason she wants a cow O_O
So heres the cow !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My version of Naruto, Sasuk and Kakashi !

It has been a long time since I drew Naruto and Sasuke !
And this was the first time that I draw Kakashi Hatake !
I love Kakashi ~ and Naruto even more !
But this time I drew them completely (Not literally full figure =_=)
With only using normal black pen !
I don't know where I got the ideas
I think its about two college guys and a (Hot damn sexy ! LOL ! =P ) teacher !
Thats all I cold think of =I
Well thats it, I hope you enjoy the pic !

Oh shit ! I haven't done my homework !

Yes !
Like ~
Hahaha LOL
I did this the morning of the last day of my school holidays !
Obviously u could tell that I, sometimes, am a lazy person
:D *big grin*
I didn't do my homework coz yeah, I was lazy XDD
So voila ! Heres the reult of the panicking moment !

The Awakened !

Just a random drawing.
Don't wanna tell or talk about it !
Its just random boredness !
And yes, I do have capabilities to draw something disgusting !
Hey like I said, I'm open to all !
Love u'all !

I love Donny !

Hye !!! *wave wave*
Now I wanna show my new kind of drawing
Or should I say colouring
This is a poster or drawing of me pinching and holding my cat
He is sooooo ~ chubby and cute !!!
I love Donny !
Anyway, like I said :D
New kind of colouring
.... for me ... o_o
Usually whenever I color my drawing, I just paint them simply with fading tone or other things
So this time I used and made shaded tone
It was ~
I never knew colouring this way wasssss soooooooo
Okay I think I should stio here k !
Bubbye all !

Sweet couple kiss !

Okay ! So I made another 'straight' couple drawing !
But I didn't put a full hearted effort on drawing this?
Coz this is not my type of drawing O_O
I'm a yaoi and comedy mangaka !
Not 'straight' romance ~
Hahaha LOL
I sound gay don't I???
Anyway, I'm not aginst it or anything
Just not interested in drawing it =D
Thou id you want me to draw ~
Something like this I will !
Only if you pay *nod nod*
Hahahaha LMAO
K enjoy peeps !

A warm welcome back to me! ...... I sound desperate don't I? :'0

Hiya everyone !!!
*hugs everyone*
Hug hug hug hug ~
Ugh so tired ~ Hug hug ... hugg .... hugggg ..... HUGGGGG !!!!
... T_T ...
Okay enough hugging ! I can feel myself getting thin !
Hahaha LOL
Omg I miss u'all and this blog !
I know i know... I went away so suddenly without saying good bye
I am so sorrryyyyy <='O
Its just that - t0 be honest - *takin deep breath*
I was kidnapped by aliens and they took all my memory fot their brain project and I forgot all about this blog !
Yeah ~ Believe it ~ O_o
Hahaha LOL
K then now that Im back from outer space, I wanna continue on doing this blog !
While I was on the alien space ship ((XD
They took my all my art accessories, papers, bamboo tablet n laptop!
So I got to draw while my brain was being tested ! ((:P
And here are the two of all of those drawings !

Well these two are not much of a good drawing, just ~ cute! O_O
That is all !
Well I hope you all like them =D
And I will show u more of the other drawings k !
Untill here k peeps, I'm gonna hang out with my aliens peeps at the Beverly Hills beach !
K bubbye ! *wave wave*

Monday, January 11, 2010

A drawing of my sis and her boyfriend !

This is a drawing of my sister and her boyfriend
I decided to draw them because the next day after Ive finished this
Was her birthday !
So yeahhh ...
Enjoy ! XD
I didnt quite finish it, I didnt give shadow for the last piture.... O.o
But it turned out okay laa... XD hahaha
K enjoy guyz !
To see full view
Pree 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Friday, January 1, 2010

Emo !!! .... L?

Kwahhh !!! The first pic of the new year !
*!*!* HAPPY * NEW * YEAR *!*!*
May the year be your bestest year !
Happy new year everyone !
I ♥ you ~
hahaha XD
Anyway, about this pic
Remember the emo doll? The sketches of emo anime that I have =D
Yeah, I drew him again (But still don't know his name !)
This time fully draw and colour him ! =D
Using a tablet ! Like WOW !
I used a tablet ! XDD
This is just some random pic of two emo dudes hanging and found a ~
Death note book !
Where theres death note, theres L !!!
Hahaha I dont actually have any reason why I put him there
But this pic turned out good !
Well I hop u all like k !
Happy new year !