Monday, January 11, 2010

A drawing of my sis and her boyfriend !

This is a drawing of my sister and her boyfriend
I decided to draw them because the next day after Ive finished this
Was her birthday !
So yeahhh ...
Enjoy ! XD
I didnt quite finish it, I didnt give shadow for the last piture.... O.o
But it turned out okay laa... XD hahaha
K enjoy guyz !
To see full view
Pree 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Friday, January 1, 2010

Emo !!! .... L?

Kwahhh !!! The first pic of the new year !
*!*!* HAPPY * NEW * YEAR *!*!*
May the year be your bestest year !
Happy new year everyone !
I ♥ you ~
hahaha XD
Anyway, about this pic
Remember the emo doll? The sketches of emo anime that I have =D
Yeah, I drew him again (But still don't know his name !)
This time fully draw and colour him ! =D
Using a tablet ! Like WOW !
I used a tablet ! XDD
This is just some random pic of two emo dudes hanging and found a ~
Death note book !
Where theres death note, theres L !!!
Hahaha I dont actually have any reason why I put him there
But this pic turned out good !
Well I hop u all like k !
Happy new year !