Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My version of Naruto, Sasuk and Kakashi !

It has been a long time since I drew Naruto and Sasuke !
And this was the first time that I draw Kakashi Hatake !
I love Kakashi ~ and Naruto even more !
But this time I drew them completely (Not literally full figure =_=)
With only using normal black pen !
I don't know where I got the ideas
I think its about two college guys and a (Hot damn sexy ! LOL ! =P ) teacher !
Thats all I cold think of =I
Well thats it, I hope you enjoy the pic !

Oh shit ! I haven't done my homework !

Yes !
Like ~
Hahaha LOL
I did this the morning of the last day of my school holidays !
Obviously u could tell that I, sometimes, am a lazy person
:D *big grin*
I didn't do my homework coz yeah, I was lazy XDD
So voila ! Heres the reult of the panicking moment !

The Awakened !

Just a random drawing.
Don't wanna tell or talk about it !
Its just random boredness !
And yes, I do have capabilities to draw something disgusting !
Hey like I said, I'm open to all !
Love u'all !

I love Donny !

Hye !!! *wave wave*
Now I wanna show my new kind of drawing
Or should I say colouring
This is a poster or drawing of me pinching and holding my cat
He is sooooo ~ chubby and cute !!!
I love Donny !
Anyway, like I said :D
New kind of colouring
.... for me ... o_o
Usually whenever I color my drawing, I just paint them simply with fading tone or other things
So this time I used and made shaded tone
It was ~
I never knew colouring this way wasssss soooooooo
Okay I think I should stio here k !
Bubbye all !

Sweet couple kiss !

Okay ! So I made another 'straight' couple drawing !
But I didn't put a full hearted effort on drawing this?
Coz this is not my type of drawing O_O
I'm a yaoi and comedy mangaka !
Not 'straight' romance ~
Hahaha LOL
I sound gay don't I???
Anyway, I'm not aginst it or anything
Just not interested in drawing it =D
Thou id you want me to draw ~
Something like this I will !
Only if you pay *nod nod*
Hahahaha LMAO
K enjoy peeps !

A warm welcome back to me! ...... I sound desperate don't I? :'0

Hiya everyone !!!
*hugs everyone*
Hug hug hug hug ~
Ugh so tired ~ Hug hug ... hugg .... hugggg ..... HUGGGGG !!!!
... T_T ...
Okay enough hugging ! I can feel myself getting thin !
Hahaha LOL
Omg I miss u'all and this blog !
I know i know... I went away so suddenly without saying good bye
I am so sorrryyyyy <='O
Its just that - t0 be honest - *takin deep breath*
I was kidnapped by aliens and they took all my memory fot their brain project and I forgot all about this blog !
Yeah ~ Believe it ~ O_o
Hahaha LOL
K then now that Im back from outer space, I wanna continue on doing this blog !
While I was on the alien space ship ((XD
They took my all my art accessories, papers, bamboo tablet n laptop!
So I got to draw while my brain was being tested ! ((:P
And here are the two of all of those drawings !

Well these two are not much of a good drawing, just ~ cute! O_O
That is all !
Well I hope you all like them =D
And I will show u more of the other drawings k !
Untill here k peeps, I'm gonna hang out with my aliens peeps at the Beverly Hills beach !
K bubbye ! *wave wave*