Sunday, May 30, 2010

The '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)' intro !

Hey everyone !
Its been 2 weeks since I posted something,
I was too busy in pain drawing this!
V-O-I-L-A !!!
These peoples are the main characters from my manga
' '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)''
Here's the summary of the story !
'Living in a big mansion in
France with her respectable rich family and cousins with no interest in wealth
or having an honorable family name, she decided to move in with her uncle,
Hanami Kanegawa, in Japan. With only leaving a note that says "I went to Japan
to have fun, so don't look for me !", her family separated to look for her. With
her new appearance and a new school, Aoi J. Kasegawa starts to
wonder, will the fun she awaits happened there? What fun will come for
a girl who goes to an all boys school?'
So ~ What do you think ?
I hope the story make sense by the way =P
Hmm... there nothing much to say anymore so I'll stop here.
Do enjoy the drawing okay !
Bubbye mina !
To see full view
Press 'ctrl' + 'click the image'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

誤って恋に (Accidentally in love)

Neh neh ! My front and first page of my manga ~ *drum roll*
Da da da da da !!!
* '誤って恋に' *
- ' Accidentally in love '
Its been awhile since I drew this
Then I assumed drawing it into manga !
Thou have not inking the line
Only started with the pencil sketches !
*shrug shoulder*
I guess I need more time for ling them =I
And I have yet to draw the background scene =D
Oh well, maybe next time !
Okay thats it, will show the continuation next k peeps !
Bubbye !
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Sketches of myself ~ .... and something random !

Oh hey everyone ! *wave wave*
As usual ~ I've been away, was busy, and sorryyy yada yada ~
Hahaha I don't sound sincere, do I? =P
Anyway, while I was away
I drew a short sketches of random things
At first I'd drawn an anime of myself ~
And then ~
Others ~
Which are soooo random and omg !
Horrible !
I missed watching Pokemon... so I drew them ! :P
Well ~ Enjoy !

And in the end ~ I only like this one !
Erased using GIMP 2.6 !

Monday, May 3, 2010

Peachy jam boys !

Hey everyone ! *wave wave*
Noticed that I've my templates no? =D
Ah thats not important right now, I mean come on ~
You've obviously have never been here
And like my blog is not that popular
And You think I thought that you noticed ? Awee come on ~
*sob and cry*
You didn't noticed?!!!
Nyahahaha kidding ! Why would I cried over that =P
And frankfully to say, this blog still a lil bit 'un-known' !
XDD hahaha
This is shounen-ai btw, not specificly yaoi
One boy eating strawberry jam sandwich and another boy licking him ! ♥
♥ \(*0*)/ ♥
This idea came out suddenly,
I don't why ~
But I like it ! =D
I have not drawn baby anime for a long LONGGGGGG time !
Is that long enough? =P
Anyway, this is a hand drawn pic and I edited / painted it using GIMP 2.6 !
Well I hope you'll like it peeps !
♥ =D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Half naked wet guy !

Just a sketch that I drew last month =D
Its a wet half naked guy ! Hahaha ♥ XP
I drew this because ~
I wanna draw something that's dripping with water,
so I did.
At first it was a lil bit difficult for me to draw the water sliding across something n dripping
but then I guess it turned out okay ! =D
Used: Sketchbook and a normal plain 0.5 pen.
Do enjoy n comment if there's anything wrong okay ! ............. Girls ~ ♥ ((XD hahaha LOL
........... btw something is missing ..... on the chest ~
To See Full View
Press 'ctrl' + 'Click the image'

Michi and Snowy !

*drum roll* De de de de de de !!! Presenting ! Pet society poster in 'Mizy's' version !!! ♥
Yeay !
Finally I finished another completed poster !
Yeay !!! *run around screaming* =D
Put ur hands in the air peeps ! Hahaha LOL XDDD
Anyway, this is a drawing of my pet in an anime human version with its fren named Snowy
They were playing guitar together so i thought
'Hey ! *snap a finger which i couldnt do* Im gonna draw this two!'
Its finished !
Lets see, Hand drawn drawing, digital colouring using GIMP 2.6,
PC bamboo tablet fun and the design ~
I got it from google
OH !
Dont mind all the spots, i did those on purpose ! =DDD
K enjoy peeps ! =D ♥

Moo-hoo !

Hey everyone !
Meet MOO - HOO !
A fat singing cow ! =D
I have nothing much to say about this,
This was only a request from a pal of mine for sister
For some reason she wants a cow O_O
So heres the cow !