Thursday, September 16, 2010

BFF of '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)'

*sigh* ... S'up people ! It has bee - oh god, I think I typed thing like this on my every post ! Sorry people, I'm always gone for a long time after each post lately :p Guess this year I'm pretty busy with schools. This is my last year in high school ya know ! Yayers !!!
So I'll be having my big end of year exam next month and I', so sure that I won't be back for long time ~ again... please forgive me !
To make it up with you all, if you have a request, I'LL TAKE IT ! Definitely will, but depends on your request. If its meccha or anything that's robotic or mechanic - egh ! Disapproval ! :P

OKAY ! So anyway, about this drawing. The real reason for making this was just to practice using Paint Tool Sai :D Butsomehow I end up making something I - am - MOST - proud of ! For the first time, I've finished something using PTS ! *cries* Thi - this - *grab ur shoulder* BE PROUD OF ME !!! D'B< Hahahaha lol :P But seriously people, this is my first time doing something like this and I'm glad it worked out thou I didn't do any background ... I still need to learn how honestly :D In this drawing we have three of my favourite main characters from my manga '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)'. Which are (from the right) Satoru Uchida, Aoi J. Kanegawa and Jirou Endo ! The BFF in the story :D I love them ~ Btw, Aoi - chan is a girl alright ! ;D

Okay then ! That is all what I have to say people, do enjoy and comment ! :D *wave wave* Toodles !

This was still in progress. See how pale their skins are? I brighten them up a bit by pressing 'ctrl + u' and changed the saturation ! :D Just a lil tip for PTS newbies !