Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pet society

Uwaaaa...... ! Finally 'almost' finished my 'Pet Society Service' manga page 1 ! I typed 'almost' because I forgot to draw more tree and background in panel 3 and 5... *sigh* anyway ! I think I have never mentioned anything about this manga right? :P Hahaha, well, I've been.... eh ya know ! First thing first, let me give the description about this story ! :D


Geh ! I need to work on the description again someday ! It sound so bad..... But at least y'all understand right? ... right? o_o So anyway, I hope this creation of mine looks like a real manga :D I wanna create my first complete manga as soon as I can ! Go me !!! XDD

P.S To see full, press 'ctrl' + 'click image'

Whoah ! What ?!

Hahahaha lol this probably one of my best malay comic sketches ! Wanna know what's it about? Read it ! Daaa ~ Hahaha gome gome :P It's in both Malay and English ! Do enjoy ~

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High School Lifes

t has been too long since I draw Malay Brunei manga, and when I say Malay Brunei Manga, I meant a japanese style manga but in Brunei's malay language :D Well, now, I've drawn 3 of 4 panel doodles ! Eyeay ! Though I don't know about the jokes are that funny, but it's funny too me :P So anyway, to those who understand Brunei's malay, do enjoy !

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Murakami sensei ♥

Here's are sketches of Murakami sensei from my 'My Boys life' manga ! I love this guy, he's so freaking unexpected like "WTF?!" XD He's got a split personality, when it comes to how to treat the students, it depends on his mood. Like if he's happy, he'll be like "Morning kids! How's it hanging?" but if he's in bad mood, he'll be like "DON'T FREAKING GOOD MORNING ME IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE YOUR HOMEWORK !" A student: "Bu- but you didn't gi-give us any homework !! *scared*" Murakami sensei: "... THEN DO THE TOMORROWS HOMEWORK BEFORE I COME TO YOUR CLASS!!!" Hahahaha what ~ ? :P Well, now enjoy ~ :D

A sketch of his sooooo good looking face ~

Why yes, yes he is ! He's got this mature looks !

For a guy who is so good looking and smart, he surely can't hold his liquor =__=' ... oh well ! I created him, gotta take care of him ...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The new me !

My recent digital drawing of ... *drum roll* ... me, myself and I !!! Eyeay ! *clap3x* Enjoy peeps ! ... and yes, I - am - a - tomboy ! :P And awe ~ some !!!

Hanging out !

OH MY GOD !!! It has been so long that I updated this blog ! ... *looks at all my visitor* ... *kneel to the ground* I'm so sorry ! Gomenasai ! Gome gome ! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry everyone ! .... GOMENASAI MINA !!! *cries*
Oh wow... I feel so guilty, and my chest hurt. o__o Whether its guilt or this scratch I got when I feel into my wardrobe... *shrug shoulder* Geh ! Anyway ! Hey everyone, sorry that I've been gone for a long time, I'm not gonna say I was busy... but actually my
GCSE 'o' level exams is - so - OVER !!! Whoah !!! *run around gayly (happily) :P* ... okay stop !


It's some of the '私の少年の生活 (My Boys Life)'
crew ! Oooh ! I drew them in a different style and I am - so - proud - of myself ! *clap3x* Yeay me ! XD I've been reading a lot of SUZUKI TSUTA's manga, and they are AWESOME - and I love her ! And the drawings .... *cries* I feel so - defeated ! TT^TT So then I tried using her style, and voila ! I created this !!! ♥ ♥ ♥ *look at the sky* Haaa..... I feel fresh ~

So this drawing, from left is
Kazuki, Satoru,Aoi-chan ♥, Jirou (up), Kanou (down) ! I didn't bother to colour it, I'm so lazy like always... but heck, it turned out great ! Hahaha okay then, enjoy peeps !