Friday, December 3, 2010

Banner - fail !

Okay it's like this, I was trying to make a banners for this blog, but somehow it didn't turn out great - at all - not even the tiniest bit ! Ugh ! I - I don't know what was going through my head, in the end I was like - what? is this a banner? Or just space filling? Gah ! Heh I drew myself being hug by one of my neko character, I don;t know about the expression, I don't know why I was holding a pen a book and I don't even - know - why is my character hugging me? .... okay I need to cool off for just a bit, y'all just - ah enjoy it if you like, I'm out ! ugsdbchdsfcysxvsxsbueudtbswhjfdxygxjsabxsxbcs....

Teen Top - L.Joe x Chunji

Wow... like - this is my first like completed - way completed fanart of real people ! Thou I'm not proud of the result, I still need to work on the background... but I am a lil proud of myself for the art lining ! I was really surprise of how I managed to make such smooth lines - eh don't get me wrong, I may sometime be good, but I am not professional good at any at all yet. So I'm trying to be humble here :D

So! This is a fanart of two of my favourite korean artist who are in my favourite korean group called 'Teen Top' ! They - are - awe ~ some !!! There are 6 members in this group, which are C.A.P, Chunji, Changjo, L.Joe, Niel and Ricky ! And these two guys are L.Joe (Right) and Chunji (Left) ! Ya know when it comes to male group singer, the fan girls always make a pair or two out of the group. In this group, my favourite pair is L.Joe and Chunji !

Anyway, I used : Tablet and Paint Tool Sai.
Took me : 2 days
References : To be honest, I actually used some this time. Since I was trying to convert these two into anime, I need to make the anime to look like the real deal. So I used two picture of them :D

Okay, enjoy everyone ! Go 'Teen Top'