Monday, February 14, 2011

A little yaoi doujinshi won't do any harm...

FINALLY !!! Finally I have - the - guts to upload erotic drawings !!! Yeah !!! Beat that mom & dad !!! Mwahahaha !!! ..... shit I'm dead... oh well ! Everyone dies eventually in many many MANY relevant ways right ?! Hahaha :P

Heya folks ! As you can see, I, too, draw stuffs like this, what? Inappropriate? Well duh... who cares ! This is my blog, so it's my rule ! Besides, I'm already 17 ~ .... *look around* '>.>.... anyway, it's already time for me to show the world what I can do. I finally able to show you my work or anime male anatomy drawing ! ... Of Jirou -kun from my 'MBL' manga ! (To be sure to all y'all, that manga is a straight manga, this scene of Jirou won't appear in the manga, though maybe in the doujinshi.... yes, I think I'm gonna do a doujinshi of my own work... *desperate*) I was so too freaking happy after I drew lots of scene of Jirou-kun with his new buddy, (secret~), in manga ! And I was like "YAOI !!! *nosebleed*" And started drawing him and (secret~) doing some ... ecchi... stuff.... heh! By the way, I like Jirou as a seme.... a cute hot seme !!! *DIES*

Oh and, I'll criticize my own drawing also. I think his body is a little too slim, though he is only 15 (?!)... still... I'll give him some meat ! ;P ... 'That's what the gay rapist said' !!! Hahahaha LOL !

Tight black underwear ~ ! ... I like ! LOL !!! *pervy momment*

Don't know how to love

I have been listening to my old music collection album recently, probably because of all those boredom these past few days. I remember how meaningful were all the songs that I collected few years ago, back then I used to like only classic and meaningful songs, I don't know what was wrong with me... maybe coz f loneliness ~ hahaha :P Anyway, I came across one of my old favourite song, which was Bu Hui Ai (Don't know how to love) by Fahrenheit ! Man... that song brings back memories.... of the video ! Not my past, I don't know have any connection at all with the song... it was just so beautiful to watch ! *tears*

Here's the link of the original video ! - Bu Hui Ai

Now, okay, what's the song got to do with my drawing? Well... like many artist... or all artist, their drawings are usually came from something inspiring, nowadays, most likely they are - music ! Ain't I right people ? ... yeah, i know I'm right ~ hahaha. So yeah, this new drawing was inspired by this specific song.

About the picture? Hmm... I have to tell ya first that, if you wanna know how things in my manga goes to this dramatic scene, you have to read my manga. UNFORTUNATELY for y'all, I haven't published any of the manga (YET!), so ~ *shrug shoulder* - Imagination time ~ ! Hahaha :P Sorry folks !

What's going on? Well ! In this picture, the particular song is actually dedicated to one of my favourite character in manga, Uchida Satoru. *SPOILER ALERT* He somehow realises about his feeling for Aoi-chan somewhere in the story, but at the same time he had no chances left to express them to her and eventually goes through a heart breaking episodes *dramatic bang* WHY YOU SAY ?! Well I - can't - tell ! That will be too spoiling for y'all !

Characters (left to right) - Endo Jirou, Kanegawa Aoi J. , Uchida Satoru & Misuzawa Kazuki.

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