Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sketches of my 'MBL' manga characters !

Ugh.... college has been my biggest frustration lately ! So many assignment ! So... little... time for more drawings !!! Fortunately though, I do have some few hours in college for drawing... like - ART class ! ... Only for Fine Art Drawing and painting... Seriously, and here I thought that they would probably teach me hoe to improve my anime drawing skill ! ... but no ~ animation has got nothing to do with art .... Like 'What the fu- ?!?!!' How come ?!! Like this is art ya know ! Anime are arts ! ANIME = ART ! ANIME - EQUALS - TO ART ! Get that people, ya get that ! Hmph !

Anyway, recently and luckily I did some sketching of my characters from my manga '私の少年の生活 (My boys life)' ... which used to be called '誤って恋に (Accidentally in love)' ... yea, I changed the title... again :P I don't know why, after so many days and weeks of producing the story line and manuscript, I was intimidated by how the story goes that has got nothing related to the title ! Like crap ! I need to change it ! ... so yeah, changed ! :D

So, now, this is a drawing/sketch of my manga protagonist and some of the other characters that always appear in the manga. Thou actually there are more, but since I don't have much time recently and it has been so long since I updated my blog, yea. Just post it now, next time la I draw the rest :I In the drawing from the left is : Uchida Satoru, Kanegawa Aoi J., Misuzawa Kazuki, Endo Jirou, Hanashi Makoto, Maeda Keiichi C., Sakamoto Takeru, and Sakamoto Yoshiro (these two are cousins :D). Okay, that is all folks ! Hope ya enjoy ! :)

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