Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some scenes from my 'MBL' manga !

I have nothing much to talk or describe for a while on this blog, coz I have nothing that is finished or half way done drawings lately. Yeah, the usual... college ! Assignment, assignmet, assignet, assign , assgt, ASSIGT- ASS !!!!!!! NGH GAH !!!!! God... my neck hurts ! And here I thought that college would be fun... yeah it is fun actually, but yet painful ! Achingly painful !.... *sigh* anyway, thou even still, I will post some of my sketches and quick drawings ! Like these four images ! All of them are few scene from my 'MBL' manga ! I will NOT tell anything about them or else I will spoil the future manga ! :d Just look and enjoy people ! NO saving, downloading or copying alright ! God is watching ~ :d Have a great day !

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