Monday, June 29, 2009

Yaoi, Romeo and juliet

To see full view of image,
press Ctrl + click the image
Okay, at first I was thinking about drawing Romeo and Juliet anime
But then again, I wanted to draw yaoi also
Its been a while that I haven't draw any yaoi =P
So yeah
*!* VOILA *!*
Yaoi, Romeo and Juliet
It took me like a 3 hours to sketch and draw coz I of the little details like flowers and the gates
After finished the drawing part, came the colouring part
I first thought of colouring it in a traditional way but
There's just too many work haha >XP
So instead, I used the the digital method
Using GIMP for colouring took me 5 hours or less or finished it
It looks good and nice =D
But thats only last before I resized it
The resizing part made the drawing line shrink and blurry
So yeah, If you look at the second pics, You can see how blurry and messy it looks
*sigh* I tips, Resize before you colour ^___^'
Well enjoy everyone !
Yaoi 4 eva !

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emo peeps crewz!

Meet the EPC
'Emo peeps crewz'
Well I was the one who named them haha =P
Anyway, a buddy requested me to draw these
So yeah, I've done it
Now during the drawing step, wasn't that hard
The confusing part was to make the style, expression and pose
But at the end, I finally finished the drawing session
then the most hardest part was the colouring
Pencil colouring is okay, but now I'll be using digital for a while
I used GIMP 2.6 and it took me three hour to finished the coloring
But it was worth it
And VOILA !!
The EPC !!
Yeayy !!!!

My manga strip

Yeah !! I finally made my first finished manga strip then scanned it ! >XD
Its about me waking up by an alarm clock
But I forgot that I was sleeping at my cousin house and bed >XD
To read it,
Press 'ctrl' + 'click image'

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Finally ! I got my own scanner !
This is a scaned picture !
Thank god !
Okay this is Taiki, he's not my character
He belongs to a pal from FAC, CrazyForJapan123
She requested to draw here character
So i did it !
There are 3 poses here
Top on the left is a side view pose
Below on the left is a doodle anime
On the right is a front view of him sitting

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is Moonlighta
An animal like lady made by my friend Ancientmoonlight from FAC
She's half wolf and half woman =D
You know, I coloured it
Though somehow I prefer it woithout colour
Maybe because I love black and white
Who knows =D

The making of ceil Phatomhive

Hiya people ! Today I want to show you all how I made my coloured anime poster
I've just finished drawing Ceil Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji
Its a request by my friend Kelalailea from FAC
Well ~
At first I thought this request was challenging one
Because I have to draw other people character !
And copying other peoples character is my weakness in art !
But somehow I managed one !
Yeay ! ^0^
*Clap clap*
Okay !
Let's start !
This is Ceil P, Its a pen drawn sketches already =D

Most of the colour should be red, so I decided to use colour with less use in it

After that, I start with the top part, the hat

I have decided to add beackground and voila ! A curtain and a bed!

Next, the roses. Red mixed with black for tone!

Then his upper uniform ! I's almost ran out of red colour !

The ribbon on the hat is peachy white =D

I coloured the pillow with red marker ! Because my red colour was finished!

I finished the uniform darken his hair a lil with black colour pencil

All the black colour are marker pen, its almost done !


VOILA !!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Story of me and Dani the Bunny (Warning contain cuteness and brutality) Bwahahaha LOL >XD

Hiya everyone !!! Man... its has been a while since I updated this blog :D
I've been so busy to buy a new scanner..... but tough luck, cant find a better one... =.=
Oh well ~ anyway I have finnished a funny doodle
I think its funny, and I hope you would also :P
Though this might seems a little cruel >XD
Its about a boy name Daniel from UK whos 13 years old that I met throught MSN
For more info about him, check this link
He pissed me off too much
And this is what I think of him
He's the buny ~ hohohoho ! ^'o'^

!!!!!!!!!!! SNAPPED !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I've just tried something new !

Hey everyone ! I've just tried something new 20 minutes ago :P
I've drawn a picture of Miraz and Me
Its just a fantasy ^__^ It didn't happen
Okay what I meant by something new just now
Is that I used a watercolour pencil and water it
Like painting but kinda different also :P
Its more easier than real painting :)
Okay it doesn't look good
because I have never learn painting from anyone
It was so hard >XD